HADAF International Energy Company (HADAF Energy)

Is a Saudi Company specialized in the manufacturing of Aromatic Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) by using local feedstocks and converting them into high value-added products.

Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) products are used in many Industries, Chemicals and Fibers, Oil and Gas, Concentrated Solar Plants, Plastic Processing, Food and Beverages and HVAC.


HADAF Energy Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) Plant will be the first of its kind in the MEAF Region and will serve Renewable Energy Sector in KSA, GCC and Globally.


HADAF Enegry offers its own “ADDOTHERM™” line of premium virgin synthetic organic Heat Transfer Fluids. ADDOTHERM™ products represent an exceptional array of Heat Transfer Fluids for use in applications between - 62 ͦC to 400 ͦC.