ADDOTHERM™ K: Full range of premium virgin synthetic organic heat transfer fluids Based on Below Molecules

K-600 - HTF Product

ADDOTHERM™ K600 it is a high performance synthetic heat transfer fluid specifically designed for use in non-pressurized, indirect, liquid heat transfer systems. Exceptional thermal stability and resistance to oxidation in the application temperature range from 60  ͦ  C to 300  ͦ  C.

K-660 - HTF Product

ADDOTHERM™ K660 it is a synthetic organic heat transfer fluid for use as a non-pressurized liquid in closed loop systems operating at temperatures ranging from 0 to 350  ͦ  C.

K-A HTF Product

ADDOTHERM™ K-A it is the preferred product for a wide range of heat transfer operations. It may be used in the vapor phase or as a pressurized liquid between 15  ͦ  C to 400  ͦ  C.

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ADDOTHERM™ FLUSHING FLUID it is a super solvent we recommend use prior to fluid replacement. The Flushing Fluid will dissolve tars residues with the System and improve the use-life of subsequently charged heat transfer fluids and heat transfer efficiency when the system is bought back on-line.